Sunday, August 1, 2010


After a virus has contaminated several machines in the organization, many of us have installed a dual partition system with UBUNTU and Windows XP 32 bits. Actually most people have wiped out Windows altogether.

Everyone else chose UBUNTU 32 bits, I have installed the 64 bits version, which seems quite stable and happily addresses all my 6 GB RAM.

In UBUNTU we run a VMWare virtual machine (4 GB Ram) running Fedora and Weblogic + OSB 11. It's a bit slower, but it has the great advantage that I can make a backup every day and we can replicate a new dev env in seconds.

The title is because a friend of mine always call it UBRUNTU, plus it reminds me Julius Caesar and Brutus. WIDOWS because men commit suicide for the depression of using Windows.

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