Monday, October 4, 2010

Clean Code - a handbook of agile software craftsmanship

The PDF is also available here for free:

I have started reading it and it's really enjoyable and witty - which doesn't happen very often in IT books :o(

I am reproducing on of its images, hoping  that OSNews will not mind...

For a definition of Craftmanship : "emphasizes the coding skills of the software developers themselves"

Here is their manifesto, I like it

I myself believe that the main criterias to evaluate code are:
- is it readable and easily modifiable?
- are build, test and deployment fully automated with a CI tool?
- is it fully covered by multithreaded automated tests?

One more thing I have to say: I am appalled that 90% of the times automated tests are executed with a single client thread... I have seen too many times multithreading issues surface during the first phases of a live application.

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