Saturday, October 2, 2010

Video killed the Email star

Yesterday I have seen a demo of , you create a video and email or tweet it, the video stays archived.

The person who has shown this to me is a Pakistani IT entrepreneur, , he says he does all his communication on videos, instructions to his collaborators and especially training.

His employees are asked to use videos for everything, so when one leaves another can watch the videos he left behind and catch up.

No communication is private, everything is public and archived.

Not everybody like this, in fact this diminishes the power of the individual and make people more replaceable - which is sad from the individual perspective but good for the company.

In fact, I believe that at least 30% of IT projects problems stem from Information Retention from people who keep things as less documented as possible to increase their personal influence. But if you say so out loud you will not be very popular.

He also showed me Khan Academy, these people are great, BTW they need help so if you have spare time you can assist them:

I love the idea of creating YouTube tutorials for Java, WebLogic and WebServices.
I see that even Oracle has started putting videos on YouTube.

And now, enjoy this wonderful song:

we can't rewind we've gone too far!

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