Sunday, October 3, 2010

Europass CV, how to write your CV in a standardized way

I have been thinking of making a "live, searchable CV" using some a data representation format (NOT XML that I hate) and some Groovy report thingie...

I am just tired of having to answer all those questions "how may years of WebLogic or EJB do you have?" ... just annotate each project with the technologies used an run a report like:

select sum(p.duration), p.technology_used from myprojects p group by technology_used;

My sister told me that in EU this is the Europass CV standard (funny that nobody seems to enforce it in the IT recruiting world, and each agency comes up with its own model, so that they are completely non-interchangeable and you have to keep duplicating your effort... thanks god we are the IT specialists! )

I am planning to investigate it and eventually extend it for my purposes.

Also, to produce a standardized report of you languages (I mean English, French...) knowledge, use this standard:


Gerasimos Marketos said...
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europassme said...

Turn your Facebook or your LinkedIn profile into Europass CV/Language Passport!