Monday, October 4, 2010

The Gotha of Computing

For a history of the term "Gotha":

"The Almanach de Gotha was a respected directory of Europe's highest nobility and royalty"

James Gosling "Inventor" of Java

Grady Booch "Inventor" of UML

Edsger Dijkstra "inventor" of the Operating Systems theory

Donald Knuth researcher and author of The Art of Computer Programming

Christopher Alexander building architect often quoted for his seminal A Pattern Language

Martin Fowler writer and influencial thinker

Doug Lea father of Concurrent Java

Linus Torvalds initiator of the Linux operating system

Erich Gamma co-author of the seminal Design Patterns book

Kent Beck father of Extreme Programming and JUnit

Alan Turing, pioneer in many, many fields, not only computers - a modern times Leonardo

Tanenbaum inventor of Minix and author of a great book on Operating Systems.

Von Neumann major mathematical brain

Edgar F. Codd inventor of SQL

Dennis Ritchie, inventor of C and Unix, and his colleague Kernighan great mathematician who worked with on the Analytical Engine.
.... more to come ....

 (courtesy of the Dutch National Library)

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