Friday, January 21, 2011

RCU : failing prerequisites creating ESS schema

oracle.sysman.assistants.rcu.backend.validation.PrereqException: RCU-6083:Failed - Check prerequisites requirement for selected component:ESS
Please refer to RCU log at C:\temp\rcuHome\rcu\log\logdir.2011-01-21_09-53\rcu.log for details.
at oracle.sysman.assistants.rcu.backend.validation.PrereqEvaluator.executePrereqTask(
at oracle.sysman.assistants.rcu.backend.task.PrereqTask.execute(

the funny thing is that the log says to refer to itself for details.... but provides no details!

I see here other people struggling with this issue.

Luckily I don't need ESS, so I simply removed it and RCU worked....

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