Thursday, January 27, 2011

XSL transformation: source parts or variables are either simple type or complex type, thus cannot be used to create mapper file

some hint on this here

I was trying to use a variable
variable name="currentLine" type="ns1:Preactivation"

with ns1:Preactivation defined in a XSD. This is not accepted (don't ask me why,
SOA has reasons that the reason itself doesn't have).

If you change a WSDL and add an element of that type:
xs:element name="Preactivation" type="Preactivation"

and you declare the variable as of "element" type:

variable name="currentLine" element="ns1:Preactivation"

then the XSL mapping is happy to accept it.

WARNING: if you change the File Adapter that generated that WSDL, your element will be gone....

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