Friday, January 21, 2011

WSM-06219 oracle.wsm.policymanager.accessor.BeanAccessor warning

oracle.wsm.resources.policyaccess WSM-06219 A task scheduler was not available for configuring the oracle.wsm.policymanager.accessor.BeanAccessor repository accessor for the default context.

this warning appears during startup of WLS/OSB/SOASuite server

After the server goes in RUNNING state, it disappears.

For the time being I will simply ignore it.


Unknown said...

ave the same problem, but the message doesn't stop when server goes in RUNNING state.
WSM-06219 problem resolution is "Provide a task scheduler to the configuration framework. " but what does this means?

vernetto said...

no clue... I would suggest you to post the question on Oracle SOA Suite forum