Thursday, January 27, 2011

XML allergy

My frustration towards anything which is built on XML is growing to incommensurable height.

I could appreciate in the last few years an immense loss in productivity and maintainability in any project who - in one way or the other - has ended up using XML for its internal representation of data, rules, logic, dependencies etc.

Loose coupling means, basically, no control on your data; you lose the capacity to refactor your code; if you change anything you end up having to recode everything from scratch. Everything you do becomes throwaway code, there is no way to reuse, refactor, recycle, encapsulate.

We have been struggling for 2 months to accomplish something that, in pure Java, would have taken not more than 2 days. Using SOAP, XPaths and all the bloody associated technologies, we are not able to put together anything which can even vaguely match our client requirements. If you do something very basic, fine; as soon as you deviate a little from standard patterns, the complexity and difficulty grows exponentially.

XML reminds me of Superciuk, Alan Ford's anti-hero, running on Barbera wine and putting his enemies out of combat with his super-alcoholic breath. Let XML enter your organization, and you will be soon crawling on your knees.

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