Thursday, June 2, 2011

the class is here:

and it's accessible in WLST with the predefined variable WLS

here its interface:

public void setExecutor(ScriptExecutor executor)

public void setLogToStdOut(boolean logToStdOut)

public void setCommandExceptionHandler(CommandExceptionHandler handler)

public CommandExceptionHandler getCommandExceptionHandler()

public void setupForEmbeddedExecution()

public void setupForInstallationExecution()

public void setRuntimeEnv(InterpreterRuntimeEnv env)

public InterpreterRuntimeEnv getRuntimeEnv()

public void setParameter(String parameterName, String parameterValue)

public void setup(boolean batchMode)

public void readTemplate(String file)

public void closeTemplate()

public void readDomain(String domainDir)

public void addTemplate(String templateFile)

public void updateDomain()

public void closeDomain()

public void createDomain(String domainTemplate, String domainDir, String user, String password)

public Object cd(String newDir)

public Object create(String value, String type)

public Object create(String name, String realType, String baseType)

public void setOption(String name, String value)

public void setOption(String name, boolean value)

public void writeTemplate(String file)

public String getAbsPwd()

public void assign(String sourceType, String sourceName, String destType, String destName)

public void unassign(String sourceType, String sourceName, String destType, String destName)

public void assignAll(String sourceType, String destType, String destName)

public void unassignAll(String sourceType, String destType, String destName)

public void validateConfig(String optionName)

public void setDistDestType(String jmsSystemResourceName, String destType)

public Object getCmo()

public Object get(String attrName)

public void set(String attrName, long value)

public void set(String attrName, Object value)

public void delete(String name, String type)

public Object find(String name, String type, String searchInstancesOnly)

public void loadDB(String DBVersion, String connectionPoolName)

public void loadDB(String DBVersion, String connectionPoolName, String category)

public Object retrieveObject(String objectKey)

public void storeObject(String key, Object value)

public Log getLog()

public void startRecording(String fileName)

public void record(String command)

public void stopRecording()

public void help(String topic)

public void dumpStack()

public void handleException(Exception ex, String commandName)

public void writeIniFile(String filePath)

public void setDomainFormat(String originalDomainFormat)

public void setShowLSResult(boolean show)

public Object lsDir(String dir, String returnMap, String returnType)

public void storeKeyStorePassword(String templateArray, String password)