Friday, June 24, 2011

Using of XQuery index-of to implement a quick lookup service

Locating an element based on a value can be very expensive (full table scan each time)

is very slow if you have a lot of PtcarSummary.

I have tried to implement a lookup mechanism by building a sequence of the values being looked up:

let $mySequence := $retrievePtcarSummaryResponse1/ns0:RetrievePtcarSummaryResult/ns0:PtcarSummary/ns0:Id/text()

this will build a sequence made by all Id in all the PtcarSummary

then using

for $item in 1 to $myMax
        let $pos := fn:index-of($mySequence, xs:string($item))
    if ($pos) then

I was hoping to optimize the search.
I keep getting OutOfMemoryException for large (1600) sequences.

In fact I read here that sequences are quite poor in memory allocation.... bummer....

I was hoping XQuery was a SQL for XML, but it is not.
SQL support indexes - without them any DB would be stuck.
XQuery support for indexes is extremely limited - the language doesn't even support a HashMap, for Christ sake....

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