Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The WebLogic Munger Subsystem

Today my attention was attracted by this message:

07-Jun-2011 09:39:30 o'clock CEST Warning Munger BEA-2156203 A version
attribute was not found in element ejb-jar in the deployment descriptor in C:\Or
ALSB_1307126572130\w02ajb\ejb.jar/META-INF/ejb-jar.xml. A version attribute is r
equired, but this version of the Weblogic Server will assume that the JEE5 is us
ed. Future versions of the Weblogic Server will reject descriptors that do not s
pecify the JEE version.

What - or who - on Earth is MUNGER?

Is he Hieronymus Munger, eminent Dutch painter?

Or perhaps is he Martin Munger King, human rights activist in USA?

The only documentation I found on MUNGER is this


"The Munger1.0 catalog contains messages in the range BEA-2156200 - BEA-2156249. Messages in this catalog are part of the weblogic.application.descriptor Internationalization package and the weblogic.application.descriptor Localization package."

I bet tomorrow morning I will still be excruciating on "who is actually MUNGER"?

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