Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Most Important Characteristics of an Architect

Reblogging from one of my favourite blogs, the Build Blog:

"A good architect is someone who rolls up their sleeves on site and helps problem solve."

"The ability to put a project together in your head, identify the issues and bird-dog the solutions is what differentiates a professional architect from “kid’s playing” (a term we like to use for architects who don’t actually solve problems)."

90% of the architects I have met in my life have never spent a minute of their time on the project sitting next to a developer - Ivory Tower architects indeed. The few architects who are taking time to gather feedback and suggestions from developers have my deepest respect.

I am too often confronted with documents which give an extremely complex 3000 feet view of a system, but carefully avoid addressing even the most fundamental implementation details. Those documents are just a copy and paste of a template.

Here a great podcast in 4 sections about "who is an Architect?"

Here a priceless article by Martin Fowler: Who Needs Architects?

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