Friday, March 26, 2010

Struggling with Hyperic and WebLogic autodiscovery

This is an OLD post... this NEW post reports SUCCESS on the Hyperic-WebLogic front.

I have been fighting for hours to setup WebLogic management with Hyperic.
Following the instructions here

I thought I am a man with average intelligence, so it would take not more than 5 minutes to setup Hyperic to monitor one of the most popular application server. It turns out to be a great challenge. The HQ Agent simply refuses to discover a running instance of WebLogic 10, and instead discovers everything about himself, showing a certain degree of self-referential behavior.

Now, if I had to design a component who should autodiscover installed software, the LAST thing that would occur to me is asking the user to manually edit a file and enter the installation directory of the product.

Because, I should be able to do a "find / -name something" and automatically discover which instances of a given software are installed on the server.

Excuse me if we are in 2010 so we assume that by now computers should be a bit more self-aware and independent from human intervention.

So, I try this:

java -jar /home/weblogic/hyperic/agent-4.2.0/bundles/agent-4.2.0-1260/pdk/lib/hq-product.jar -Dplugins.include=weblogic -Dadmin.username=weblogic -Dadmin.password=weblogic -m discover

and I get 0 servers discovered - yet the server is up and running.

Of course I have edited the file to include

I have the following values:

 You can now start your HQ agent by running this command:

  /home/weblogic/hyperic/agent-4.2.0/bin/ start

 You can now start your HQ server by running this command:

  /home/weblogic/hyperic/server-4.2.0/bin/ start

 Once the HQ server reports that it has successfully started, you can log in
 to your HQ server at:
  username: hqadmin
  password: hqadmin

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Unknown said...

Weblogic 10/1031/1032 is autodiscovered by the new RC version of Hyperic 4.3.0.