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Installing Hyperic Server on Windows and Agent on Linux to monitor WebLogic



VMware vFabric Hyperic 4.6.5 Server and Agent - Linux (64 bit)
03/15/12 | 4.6.5 | 396M | Binary (.tar.gz)

It gives me a hyperic-hqee-installer-4.6.5-x86-64-linux.tar.gz
I unzip it into a hyperic-hqee-installer-4.6.5-x86-64-linux.tar
Which untarred gives a hyperic-hqee-installer-4.6.5 folder

which contains

86,371,609 hyperic-hqee-agent-4.6.5-x86-64-linux.tar.gz
DIR installer
49,455 open_source_licenses-SpringSource_tc_Server.txt
796,537 open_source_licenses.txt
241,153,046 server-4.6.5.tar.gz
108 setup.bat
147 setup.sh

Here the installation instructions.

I also download the Windows version.
Apparently no need for DB (using internal PostgreSQL DB)
Run setup.bat. Create a C:\pierre\hypericserver directory first.
Provide SMTP server.

Admin user: hqadmin

At the end I get:

Installation Complete:
Server successfully installed to: C:\pierre\hypericserver/server-4.6.5-EE

You should now install the HQ server as a Windows Service using this command:

C:\pierre\hypericserver\server-4.6.5-EE\bin\hq-server.bat install

You can then use the Service Control Manager (Control Panel->Services) to
start the HQ server. Note that the first time the HQ server starts up it may
take several minutes to initialize. Subsequent startups will be much faster.

Once the HQ server reports that it has successfully started, you can log in
to your HQ server at:

username: hqadmin
password: pippo0

To change your password, log in to the HQ server, click the "Administration"
link, choose "List Users", then click on the "hqadmin" user.

Setup completed.
A copy of the output shown above has been saved to:

Press the Enter key to exit setup.

I run a Command Prompt as Administrator, and execute

C:\pierre\hypericserver\server-4.6.5-EE\bin\hq-server.bat install

I get the message

wrapper | Hyperic HQ Server service installed.

I run services.msc and I can see a "Hyperic HQ Server" service: I start it.
The executable is C:\pierre\hypericserver\server-4.6.5-EE\wrapper\sbin\wrapper-windows-x86-32.exe -s C:\pierre\hypericserver\server-4.6.5-EE\conf\wrapper.conf set.SERVER_INSTALL_HOME=C:\pierre\hypericserver\server-4.6.5-EE\bin\.. set.JAVA_HOME=C:\pierre\hypericserver\server-4.6.5-EE\bin\..\jre

I access in Firefox the url http://mymachine.euc.acme.com:7080/
It takes a long time. But it works. I get this lovely screen:

Now let's install the agent on Linux:

Now I install the agent on Linux.
Copy all the Linux stuff to /opt/hyperic/.
chmod 755 *.sh
chmod 755 /opt/hyperic/installer/bin/*
mkdir /opt/hyperic/agent

choose 2 (agent)

when asked
HQ agent installation path [default '/home/hyperic']: say:

It will tell you:

Loading install configuration...
Install configuration loaded.
Preparing to install...
Validating agent install configuration...
Installing the agent...
Looking for previous installation
Unpacking /opt/hyperic/hyperic-hqee-agent-4.6.5-x86-64-linux.tar.gz to: /opt/hyperic/agent/agent-4.6.5-EE...
Setting permissions on /opt/hyperic/agent/agent-4.6.5-EE...
Setting permissions on agent binaries...
Fixing line endings on text files...
Installation Complete:
Agent successfully installed to: /opt/hyperic/agent
You can now start your HQ agent by running this command:

/opt/hyperic/agent/agent-4.6.5-EE/bin/hq-agent.sh start

Setup completed.
A copy of the output shown above has been saved to:

Deleting temporary JRE

I run
/opt/hyperic/agent/agent-4.6.5-EE/bin/hq-agent.sh start

Starting HQ Agent...
- No token file found, waiting for Agent to initialize
[ Running agent setup ]
Should Agent communications to HQ be unidirectional [default=no]:
What is the HQ server IP address:
Should Agent communications to HQ always be secure [default=yes]:
What is the HQ server SSL port [default=7443]:
- Testing secure connection ... Success
What is your HQ login [default=hqadmin]:
What is your HQ password:
What IP should HQ use to contact the agent [default=]:
What port should HQ use to contact the agent [default=2144]:
- Received temporary auth token from agent
- Registering agent with HQ
The server to agent communication channel is using a self-signed certificate and could not be verified
Are you sure you want to continue connecting? [default=no]: yes
- HQ gave us the following agent token
- Informing agent of new HQ server
- Validating
- Successfully setup agent

At this point, I go to the Hyperic console Home Page and in the Auto-Discovery tab I find the 2 WebLogic domains and the Apache Tomcat running on the Linux box.... pretty cool!

On the Linux box I see 2 processes:


/opt/hyperic/agent/agent-4.6.5-EE/jre/bin/java -Djava.security.auth.login.config=../../bundles/agent-4.6.5/jaas.config etc etc

To stop the agent:
/opt/hyperic//agent/agent-4.6.5-EE/bundles/agent-4.6.5/bin/hq-agent.sh stop

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