Sunday, June 17, 2012

Book: My Holocaust, by Java Reich

I read this book because part of my family is Jewish, and because I am really annoyed by how the Holocaust is used these days to justify Israel imperialism in the Middle East - while no mention is made about the Palestinian Holocaust.

The style is definitely heavy: very long sentences, lot of blablabla about irrelevant facts; there is some juicy stuff, but it's buried under a lot of uninteresting bla.
I had to make an effort to read it all.

Still, an interesting book, who says all what needs to be said about the manipulation of the Holocaust.

At the end, a sentence sent the shivers down my spine:

"... yours was a transition Holocaust. Your Holocaust is history - buried in the archives and the tombs. It had a longer-than-average run for a human tragedy and atrocity, but finally and at long last, the Shoah's over, the curtain has fallen, the thumbs of the people have turned down. It's our turn now. A new universal Holocaust is coming, the horror of which has never been seen before and will never be seen again... Your Holocaust has been superseded, eclipsed. The blazing signs have been seared across the sky.
Blood.And fire. And column of smoke.
Total cremation. Everywhere ash."

I don't expect the 21st century to be a lot of fun... while climate crisis aggravates, and available resources (oir, water, soil, biodiversity) collapse, there will be a lot less support for human life on this planet... By the end of the century, I expect 5 of the 7 billion people living today to be eliminated in a war, in famine or epidemics or natural disasters. It will be a massacre compared to which WWII will be a sit-in comedy.
We have cut the branch on which we were sitting, and now we are in free, accelerated fall.

But, don't worry, keep driving your car, drinking Coke, eating meat, flying around, destroying the planet, today is just another day to enjoy the collective Potlatch that we insist upon calling "civilization". Tomorrow, there is no tomorrow.

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