Sunday, June 3, 2012

WebLogic 11 Whole Server Migration

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Here the doc:

Here an excellent crash course.

To provoke a server migration:
kill -9 PID
when NodeManager restarts the MS, kill again!

The second time, the NodeManager will not try to restart the MS locally, and will let che ClusterMaster decide another machine on which to start the MS

This is what is traced in the nodemanager.log

Successfully removed from bond0:4.
Server failed so attempting to restart (restart count = 1)
Sleeping for 30 seconds before attempting to restart server
Starting WebLogic server with command line: /opt/oracle/domains/osbpp1do/bin/
Working directory is '/opt/oracle/domains/osbpp1do'
Rotated server output log to "/opt/oracle/domains/osbpp1do/servers/osbpp1ms1/logs/osbpp1ms1.out00132"
Server error log also redirected to server log
Server output log file is '/opt/oracle/domains/osbpp1do/servers/osbpp1ms1/logs/osbpp1ms1.out'
Successfully brought with netmask online on bond0:4
Successfully removed from bond0:4.
Server failed during startup so will not be restarted

Server tribes migrating in the desert.

To discover on which machine it was started: open the console, MS, Control, Migration, "Current Machine:".

Now, I think something is weird.... let's say I have a cluster with
4 machines: m1, m2, m3 and m4,
4 managed servers: ms1, ms2, ms3, ms4

I kill ms1 on m1 and make it migrate to m2.
Now, I expect to be able to "fallback" from m2 to m1. I go to server/control/migration and, lo and behold, in the list "migrate to machine" I have only m2, m3, m4 (no m1)... incidentally, since m2 is the current machine, it makes no sense to migrate to m2...

Also, if you click on "Migratable Targets", the column "Current Hosting Server" reports the wrong information, m1 instead of m2.... but at least here, if you take the lock, select the ms1 and do "migrate", it gives you the option to migrate ms1 (migratable) back to hosting server ms1 (what does it mean "hosting server ms1"? even if I request migration, it fails with a Cannot migrate - destination server must not be the currently activate server - services are already deployed on that server.


How can I migrate a server with WLST?

Here the doc

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