Sunday, October 15, 2017

Camel in Action, Second Edition

I have just purchased the book from Manning (if you google for "manning discount code" you should find a coupon to get a 40% discount on these EXTREMELY (52 USD) expensive books ...)

I am a bit disappointed by the book, it's extremely verbose and it repeats a lot of concepts that - unless this is the first IT book you read in your life - are very well known to anybody. You have to wade across a lot of verbosity to extract useful practical info "how to solve this kind of problem".

Also, the choice to cover at the same depth the XML DSL and the Java DSL, the Spring XML configuration and the Spring Java configuration leaves me astonished.... Spring XML is almost extinct, in favor of Java.

Also, some frightening basic English mistakes like using "whom" instead of "who" , together with incredibly complicated sentences, makes you wonder about the literary skills of the authors.

I also dislike embedding a lot of incomplete code in a book.... a coding book should only provide a link to a github repository, I can't understand code if I don't see ii in its completeness... for instance something frustrating is when the import statements are omitted.

The examples associated to the book are here:
git clone

Here a simple Camel - Spring Boot example

run it like this:

git clone
cd camel
mvn install
cd examples\camel-example-spring-boot
mvn spring-boot:run

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