Monday, February 8, 2010

Configuring Hudson for continuous integration

Unfortunately, you will have to download a VERY OLD CVS client here:

(I have downloaded, installed to C:\Program Files\cvsnt and added this path to the PATH system variable)

in Hudson, if your username contains the domain name (eg mydomain\myusername), remove mydomain\ from the connection string:


If you checkout multiple modules, they should be separated by BLANK, not by comma....

Hudson will checkout into

A Workshop Ant build.xml will not work unless it can find the .metadata directory in
C:\Users\pierre\.hudson\jobs\PVDemo\workspace, so you must copy it from your real workspace.
Copy here also the workshop-lib directory and the workspace.xml file.

Remember also to add Ant to your PATH, such as C:\beawli\modules\org.apache.ant_1.6.5\bin


creade a directory /home/weblogic/hudson
copy hudson.war in it
java -jar hudson.war (or nohup java -jar hudson.war &  to run in background)

it will create a /home/weblogic/.hudson  containing all the data files
in your browser, point to http://yourhostname:8080/

new job
build a free style software project, call it ACME_INTEG_WEB
Source Code Management, select CVS and enter a CVSROOT ":pserver:cvsusername:cvspassword@cvshost:/cvsrepository"

enter the modules you want to checkout (separated by blanks)

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