Friday, February 5, 2010

Use WebLogic System Libraries

If in your code you need to refer to WebLogic libraries, don't add to the Java Build Path a direct reference to weblogic.jar and the other modules, but rather add "Weblogic System libraries".

If you get a message

'Weblogic System libraries can only be used with projects that target a weblogic server runtime'

you should add a Targeted Runtime to your project.

A Java Project doesn't support this, so you should rather create a Utility Project.
A Utility Project allows you also to add jpd-jar System Library, if you need to develop utilities on WLI.

Unfortunately Workshop doesn't let you morph a Project of a Type A into a Project of Type B.... bummer!
You might try morphing by hand editing the .project and .classpath files =:o( .

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