Sunday, October 25, 2015

Deleting a non empty directory with find -delete

mkdir  /opt/oracle/Pipposcriptsstaging/PippoScripts-1.23
mkdir  /opt/oracle/Pipposcriptsstaging/PippoScripts-1.22

(put some content in both folders)

this will fail:

find /opt/oracle/Pipposcriptsstaging/  -type d -name "PippoScripts*" ! -name "PippoScripts-1.22" -delete

because find -delete can only remove empty folders (don't try the -maxdepth, -depth, -mindepth, -prune options, they won't work)

For some REALLY weird reason, this command too will fail:

find /opt/oracle/Pipposcriptsstaging/  -type d -name "PippoScripts*" ! -name "PippoScripts-1.22" -exec rm -rf '{}' \;
find: `/opt/oracle/Pipposcriptsstaging/PippoScripts-1.23': No such file or directory

but it actually deletes the PippoScripts-1.23 folder (WEIRD!)

The only way to make it work:

find /opt/oracle/Pipposcriptsstaging/PippoScripts-1.23 -type f  -delete

find /opt/oracle/Pipposcriptsstaging/PippoScripts-1.23 -type d  -delete

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