Saturday, December 3, 2016

WebLogic Java EE tutorials

(or J2EE as someone still says)
putting together a lost of documentation and training material to become a WebLogic and Java Enterprise Edition GURU: "Developing Applications for Oracle WebLogic Server" Developing Enterprise JavaBeans for Oracle WebLogic Server

Install latest JDK from here

You can download "Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse" from here and the WLS 12 installer here


Web Services and

WebService security

Restful WebServices

Securing WebServices with Policies

Developing Web Applications

Of course, don't expect to find anything readable in the Oracle documents, they are made 90% of "if you want to know something about this, follow this link" , or just a dry list of standards, all in a completely unemotional language that puts you immediately to sleep. But their JEE7 Tutorial is quite decent, however it's only meant for Glasshfish development.

Here also plenty of short tutorials

And of course all the OracleWeblogic youtube videos

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