Thursday, December 22, 2016

Lebara: true story

I used to have a Lebara CH mobile phone, with a hefty balance of more than 100 CHF (they used to give a huge discount when you top-up 100 CHF at a time). Their service works, but they didn't offer a flat monthly rate for unlimited internet, so I got a Yallo number.
For 6 months I haven't made any call with Lebara, and Lebara, without any warning, have deactivated my SIM and took all my money.
They could have sent me an email, since I am registered on their account. They chose not to give me a warning. I actually wonder if all this is LEGAL in a country like Switzerland.
I have sent them an inquiry about my balance, all they say is:
Thanks for getting in contact with us.
Because of un using the SIM Card for longer than six month the SIM Card is deactivated and cannot be use anymore. We can not see also how much money was on it.
If you have further question please do not hesitate to call or write us.
Kind regards,

I am sure you can take your own decisions - without me trying to influence you - about the quality of Lebara service.

For instance, Skype send me regularly (every 6 month) a reminder saying "your account will be suspended if you don't make a call".... but a) they warn me b) even when suspended, the balance is still available and you can recover it. Lebara no, they just don't care to tell you and there is no way to revert their action. And I have also lost all SMS messages that meanwhile might have been sent to my number.

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