Thursday, November 30, 2017

Another poorly implemented feature of Eclipse: repository search

Eclipse is a champion at implementing in an extremely unappealing and inefficient way even the simplest feature.

Window/Show view/ Maven Repository, right click on central , "Full Index Enabled". Then "Rebuild Index" (this especially useful if you get an error about the index having to be rebuilt for Lucene 6)

Then open the POM.XML, click on the Dependencies tab, add, and where it says "enter groupId, artifactId..." type *junit*

On the status bar on the bottom right you will see "repository search" and an animated icon...

It's AMAZING how slow it is....

much faster to google for "maven junit" and you get immediately the GAV

Eclipse: Erroneous Clumsy Ludicrous Inefficient Pathetic Shitty Elephant


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