Sunday, November 19, 2017

Quantum Security in KPN (AllDay DevOps 2017, Jaya Baloo)

jump to minute 11.50 where Jaya starts speaking.

You don't have to understand everything, but it's good to have a glimpse of the future here is the 2015 article about the Entanglement mentioned at 24:39

Here an explanation of the Quantum Entanglement and Einstein's position. I think that saying that Einstein "HATED" the Q.E. is a bit excessive, he simply believed it was not possible and qualified as "spukhafte Fernwirkung" . I get allergic whenever someone tries to ridicule Einstein.

Here more about Einstein "spooky" story and here something more about the Qubit

Maybe you want to try some of IDQuantique products already

This is also a good presentation of the brilliant Jaya, given to a totally passive and indifferent audience ("we don't really care if the NSA spies on us, all we care is make good money and have fun on the weekend")

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