Sunday, April 15, 2012

Eclipse not responding

Having spent most of my current project watching an hourglass hovering on Eclipse,
I have at last decided to do something about that.

Eclipse executable is in: C:\Oracle\Middleware\oepe_11gR1PS4\eclipse.exe


In the same directory, the eclipse.ini contains:


I run Task Manager, and View Columns PID, so that I know the PID of this JVM

I install VisualVM to connect to the Eclipse JVM (anyway the Eclipse process is properly named in VisualVM, no need to use Task Manager to view the PID)

I click on the Threads tab and I am ready to monitor the next "Not Responding" event...I also click on "Sampler", it hangs for a while to determine if Eclipse supports CPU and Memory profiling.... it does!

So I monitor the CPU while Eclipse seems to be hanging, and I notice that the is eating my CPU alive...

Oh, but why JRockit? Because it's the vm option in eclipse.ini.

What if I switch to Sun JVM?
I try with C:/Oracle/Middleware/jdk160_24/bin/javaw.exe

It seems to be more responsive now...

Will keep an eye on it.... next time I will do a
netstat -ano
(see here)
to find out on Windows which sockets are open by a PID

I have tried using:
Window/Preferences/Java/Editor/Content Assist/ Uncheck Auto Activation

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