Tuesday, April 17, 2012

wrapper | The Hyperic HQ Agent service is not installed

First of all, Run As Administrator.

hq-agent.bat install
wrapper | Hyperic HQ Agent service installed.

hq-agent.bat start

wrapper | Starting the Hyperic HQ Agent service...
wrapper | Waiting to start...
wrapper | Hyperic HQ Agent started.
- No token file found, waiting for Agent to initialize
[ Running agent setup ]
Should Agent communications to HQ be unidirectional [default=no]:

What is the HQ server IP address:
Should Agent communications to HQ always be secure [default=yes]:
What is the HQ server SSL port [default=7443]:
- Testing secure connection ... Success
What is your HQ login [default=hqadmin]:
What is your HQ password:

What IP should HQ use to contact the agent [default=]:
What port should HQ use to contact the agent [default=2144]:
- Received temporary auth token from agent
- Registering agent with HQ
The server to agent communication channel is using a self-signed certificate and could not be verifi
Are you sure you want to continue connecting? [default=no]: yes
- HQ gave us the following agent token
- Informing agent of new HQ server
- Validating
- Successfully setup agent

It works like a breeze, and the HQ server immediately discovers:

Microsoft Windows 2008
Weblogic Admin 1...main AdminServer
PostgreSQL 8.2
Tomcat 6.0
Oracle 10g
Agent 4.6.5

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