Friday, March 27, 2015

Clash of Titans, Ansible vs Puppet vs Salt

I have read this excellent article

with part 2

I have been dreaming of writing the same article for a long time....

2 statements caught my attention

"“I would say that if you don’t have a Puppet champion (someone that knows it well and is pushing to have it running) it is probably not worth for this.""

" I tend to agree with Lyft’s conclusion that if you have a centralized Ops team in change of deployments then they can own a Puppet codebase. On the other hand if you want more wide-spread ownership of your configuration management scripts, a tool with a shallower learning curve like Ansible is a better choice."

I haven't used Ansible, but such is my experience with Puppet: you need a technical guru (or max 2) dictating standards and finding solutions to common problems and bridging communication among departments and teams.... you can't just "leave it to the masses" and hoping everybody will be a champion... also, who wants Ruby? All my stuff is in Python !!!

And here goes a very interesting comparison Ansible vs Salt...

And here a "let's move away from Puppet, either to Salt or to Ansible" post

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