Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Installing Oracle VM Server on.... Oracle VirtualBox!

Download V46550-01 from

choose Oracle VM and x86_64 bit

Open Oracle VirtualBox, create a new VM , call it "oraclevmserver" , Type = Other, version = Other/unknown (64bit), base memory 8 GB, "do not add a virtual drive", remove all the Storage Controllers and add CD/DVD device and point it to the downloaded ISO file. (see here for some more hints). Add also an hard disk "oraclevmsserverdisk" with 12 GB , type VDI, dynamically allocated storage.

hit Enter to start installation; skip media test

choose language and keyboard. When it tells you that the VBOX disk is defective, just reinitialize it from scratch using all available space.

select DHCP (NB OVS needs STATIC IP!!! FIX THIS!!! )

at the end of the (hopefully) successful installation, just reboot (don't worry about the ISO DVD, it was automatically ejected by the anaconda installer I believe). You should get this happy and peaceful screen:

NEXT STEP: do the same operation but assign a static IP and a hostname

PS just discovered that Oracle gives away prebuilt VMs with Oracle VM Server and Manager:

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