Sunday, March 8, 2015

Mac install Windows USB drive NTFS in read write mode

This is probably one of the first things you have to learn about Mac.... it took me one month of Mac usage to actually figure it out.

my USB drive is called 2TBSMALL:

diskutil info /Volumes/2TBSMALL | grep UUID 
#(the result for me is 1B5A8C6C-616A-4537-B0F2-B9D13ADE305B)

sudo nano /etc/fstab
#(enter this line, then CTRL-O and CTRL-X)
UUID=1B5A8C6C-616A-4537-B0F2-B9D13ADE305B none ntfs rw,auto,nobrowse

#eject the Drive and insert it again. It should NOT appear in finder - don't panic it's in /Volumes.

#run the Disk Utility and make sure the drive is in R/W mode

#then create a link on the Desktop 
sudo ln -s /Volumes/DRIVENAME ~/Desktop/DRIVENAME
#type fn-F11 to show desktop

If this doesn't work, from terminal run "dmesg", in my logs I could find this error:

ntfs_system_inodes_get(): $LogFile is not clean. Mount in Windows.

so I put the Drive in Windows, run the "fix errors" utility, done a safe eject and opla', in Mac it worked!

PS all this obviously STINKS big time, and it proves that Apple and Microsoft are just 2 Corporations who make the planet a miserable place to live. We would be much better off in a planet without Masters and without Slaves, and possibly without Gods and without States - and of course without Armies.

PPS another RANT: how can someone make a keyboard without curly and square braces and pipe sign? Well, Apple did it! Brilliant! IQ below 80...

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