Friday, March 27, 2015

Learning Python

I have been using Python for many years, mainly associated with WLST.

As most WLST programmers, I know only the BASIC of the language.... I don't go beyond some essential OO use (yes, I like OO and I hate unstructured procedural programming).

So now I have decided to go through some training and serious (hahaha) study.

This Learn Python interactive tutorial site is just great to get started.

You can read the 4th edition of the great (>1000 pages) Mark Lutz "Learning Python" book for free here - it's definitely very authoritative, and covers both Python 2 and 3.

Honestly I found this book too verbose, not very focused on concepts and giving too many details... still I guess it's a sort of reference training material. But most of the time I find that the answers on stackoverflow are much clearer than this book. Take this post for example , it's a lot clearer than the book...

After some gooogling I found out that is by far the best educational site for Python.

Oh jah cool, "import this" works also in WLST.... nice...

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