Thursday, May 27, 2010

OSB integration with JRules through SOAP or EJB

First, let's get familiar with this new baby, JRules; this can be done simply by playing with her.


Download JRules 7.0 binaries (including Tomcat, Derby etc):<=en_US&cp=UTF-8&dlmethod=http

(you need to have an account with IBM, it's free anyhow)

You can deploy JRules to WebLogic - it's only a bunch of EARs. In this case you access this way:

The Console gives you:

Explorer - this contains the Navigator, to display the RuleApps and the Decision Services
You can Create a RuleApp, add RuleSet to a RuleApp by provinding a Ruleset Archive.

Decision Warehouse


Server Info

In WebLogic console, view the JNDI tree and you will see this:

Binding Name: eis.XUConnectionFactory

Class: ilog.rules.res.xu.cci.IlrXUConnectionFactory

Unfortunately the JRules manual says:

"EJB3 bindings are supported for the JBoss 4.2/5.0, WebSphere 7;0 application servers."

which doesn't sound good if you use WebLogic.

Anyway ilog/rules/res/xu/cci/IlrXUConnectionFactory.class is in these 2 JARs:

C:\Program Files\IBM\WebSphereILOGJRules702\executionserver\lib\jrules-res-execution.jar:
C:\Program Files\IBM\WebSphereILOGJRules702\executionserver\lib\jrules-res-session-java.jar:


it mentions:
"how to execute a simple stateless rule session on a Java EE application using a Java client."

and here

a promising tutorial on how to invoke JRules from WebLogic Workshop.


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