Thursday, May 20, 2010

WebLogic 11g, OSB11 and Web Service client

Glory to Oracle, they have introduced Eclipse 3.5.2, wow!

AT LAST Oracle introduced a wizard to generate a Java Web Service Client without having to struggle for zip and jar files and classpaths for hours... Long Live Oracle!

Do New, Other, and you have 2 options:
Web Service Client and
WebLogic Web Service Client

With Web Service Client
you have the option to
Monitor SOAP traffic and
Customize namespace to Java packages mapping (cool!)

and here is the code you should use

HelloWorldSOAP12BindingQSServiceLocator locator = new HelloWorldSOAP12BindingQSServiceLocator();
HelloWorldPortType pt = locator.getHelloWorldSOAP12BindingQSPort();

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