Monday, May 24, 2010

AmberPoint for Dummies

So, you are lined up for a telephone inteview where you must pretend to have working experience with AmberPoint. Here is some BS you might reuse. If you get hired, send me a penny.

Amberpoint Management System (AMS) can be configured using these components:

plug-in agents
proxy agents
nano-agents (for EJBs, JDBC and RMI services, made by observer + monitor)
client side agents (to act as Security and Performance Monitoring proxy on the client side)

It offers:

- Container Discovery of Services (at startup)
- Publication of Services to a UDDI registry

- Dynamic Discovery of Service interdependency- at operation level
- Monitoring of Service/Operation performance
- Monitoring of Service/Operation faults
- Establish Correlations (=interrelated service operation calls)
- Monitor Correlations performance and faults
- Create "Conditions" (=observable pattern on a Service invokation) based on faults or on specific error response codes
- Report a configurable timeout on a Correlation

- Identify Service consumers (Customers) and provide statistics of Service Utilization per Customer
- Monitor SLA (performance, availability)

- Message Routing
- Message Logging on a per-service level

Using Environment Monitor (EM) enables:
- Automatic Fault Resolution, by constructing an action list

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