Friday, May 21, 2010

OSB: performance monitoring

It's important to understand which JEE modules are involved in a request processing.
I am here hammering with 100 concurrent threads a simple Proxy Service, /OSBProject1/ProxyService1, which appears in the Web Applications list but as "Unprepared".

There are many wars involved: xbuslogging.war, xbuspublish.war, xbusrouting.war, xbustransform.war, but mainly it's httpTransport.war  who seems to be the entry point for each request.

httpTransport.war is deployed in a kernelEar (C:\bea11\Oracle_OSB11\lib\kernelEar), whose application name is XBus Kernel. This animal contains a HttpEndPointCreator, which probably is responsible for the dynamic creation of the /OSBProject1/ProxyService1 endpoint.

Web Applications (Filtered - More Columns Exist)

Context Root 
State  Source Information  Maximum Sessions on Any Server  Application  Servlets 

Active fmw-welcome.war 0 FMW Welcome Page Application ( 3
/alsb-uddi Active com/bea/wli/sb/uddi/auto/UDDISubscriptionListenerImpl.war 0 ALSB Subscription Listener 4
/alsb/ws/_async Active bea_alsb_ws_async_response.war 0 WS Transport Async Applcation 9
/dms Active dms.war 0 DMS Application ( 4
/httpTransport Active httpTransport.war 0 XBus Kernel 3
/inspection.wsil Active wsil.war 0 wsil-wls 4
/OSBProject1/ProxyService1 Unprepared httpTransport.war 0 XBus Kernel 4
/sbconsole Active webapp 1 ServiceBus_Console 14
/sbinspection.wsil Active wsil.war 0 ALSB WSIL 4
/sbresource Active sbresource.war 0 ALSB Resource 4
/sbtestservice Active sbTestFwk.war 0 ALSB Test Framework 4
/xbuslogging Active xbuslogging.war 0 ALSB Logging 6
/xbuspublish Active xbuspublish.war 0 ALSB Publish 6
/xbusrouting Active xbusrouting.war 0 ALSB Routing 6
/xbustransform Active xbustransform.war 0 ALSB Transform 6

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