Thursday, May 17, 2012

OSB Cannot create resource outside of a session

Today I was unable to activate a OSB session after making some changes.
The only way was to restart cluster and admin....
I suspect someone made some configuration changes in WebLogic and didn't restart.

Failing to restart after making configuration changes can lead to funny behaviour.


Unknown said...

I got the same error when I need to activate. And I don't know since when it happened.
I've restart all the MS and AS, but still got the issue.

Any Ideas how to fix that?

vernetto said...

sometimes the only way to fix these situations is to log onto the server, cd $DOMAIN_HOME/osb and manually delete all the session folders (remember first to shut down the servers!).

Unknown said...

Ok, so just like the other blogs says, if some sessions stuck or have a trouble, just delete all the folder under osb/sessions.

But strangely, after I got "Cannot create resource outside of a session" error, I discard the changes, and logout, then nothing on the session folder.

What do you mean by "(remember first to shut down the servers!)". Because there are no (stuck) session on osb/sessions.

I don't find any clue either on or other blogs.

vernetto said...

"remember first to shut down the servers!" means that you should not do any manual pruning of those folder while the server is running. First shut down everything, then manually remove the crap.