Thursday, May 24, 2012

Resignation letter

I have found this email in my drafts of several years ago. I was on a project fighting desperately to keep it afloat - spending literally every day until 10 pm, every Saturday and Sunday at office... eventually I was kicked out - my criticism was too loud - and 2 years later the project has failed with almost 100 Million USD thrown down the drain.

I want to leave this project.
I cannot take any more the amount of negativity,
of finger pointing,
of approximation,
of improvisation,
of political talks in the corridor,
of blaming the meek and praising the powerful,
of lack of analysis,
of lack of design,
of total absence of any technical document,
of the omnipresence of buzzwording and obscure language,
of the left hand doesn't know what the right is doing,
of magical thinking,
of religious preaching,
of delegation of responsibility,
of mediocrity,
of irresponsible managers,
of heroic people who want to achieve something being subject to constant criticism by a cohort of useless mediocre unproductive guys,
of constant last minute destruction of things that have taken weeks of hard work to build,
of targets who keep moving so that it becomes impossible to reach them,
of slagging, accusing, backstabbing.

of 3 people who do something and 10 people criticize what the 3 people are doing.

I am resigning now. My last day will be the 19th of September, unless you decide to terminate my contract sooner.

Working for ACME has been a beautiful magical dream. Reality is different.

Now, I feel very proud for having been excluded from that gigantic failure.

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