Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Playing with Resource and XmlStarlet in Hyperic

This command extract all resources from our HQ Server:

hqapi resource list -prototype Linux --children > allresources.xml

The XPath to extract all resources of type "FileServer Directory" is:

//Resource[./ResourcePrototype/@name="FileServer Directory"]

and the syntax to execute it in XmlStarlet is:

c:\apps\xmlstarlet-1.3.1\xml sel -t -c "//Resource[./ResourcePrototype/@name='FileServer Directory']" allresources.xml

This resource is a child element of another Resource:

<Resource id="10916" name="myserver.acme.com Linux FileServer" description="" location="" instanceId="10007" typeId="2">

which in turn is inside

<Resource id="10882" name="myserver.acme.com" description="Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5" location="" instanceId="10001" typeId="1">

To create a resource, the easy way is:
hqapi resource createService --prototype="FileServer Directory" --resourceId=10882 --name="/data/acme/" path="/data/acme/"

XmlStarlet doc is available here

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