Saturday, May 12, 2012

SOAPUI, OSB, WSDL and FrontEnd address and port

(guest post, thanks Luis Verge (vergegon pisellon!) Gonzales for this)

Yesterday while using SOAPUI for defining some projects for testing I saw that if I try to use the dynamic?WSDL address I got an error as described below:

1st. Open the Internet explorer and type the address of your WSDL:

Then you will see the wsdl and the soap address (HINT: where does that 9980 port come from???):

If you create a SOAPUI project and you use the dynamic address:

(notice: port is 8105, not 9980!)

Your process will  remain  running trying to solve the address:

(notice again the 9980!)

If you see the previous image you will notice something estrange, the port you were using 8105 is now 9980. Your first question is why?

The response is given in the weblogic configuration, in the cluster configuration and to be more precise: in the HTTP cluster configuration (see image below)


If you read the explanation in oracle documentation:

and in middleware magic:

You will understand how it works.

Apparently, in our current configuration (with network proxies) when we try to use a dynamic address , we don’t get it because is redirecting it to the frontend port and address defined in the cluster.

Normally in that part of the weblogic configuration we should have the loadbalancer address, but unfortunately we have none in dev.

I was wondering on using as the default port in the frontend configuration in the cluster the port 8105, so every request not solved will be redirected to 8105.

That change will require a restart.

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