Sunday, May 13, 2012

You don't need shoes

all so true!
I have started walking and biking barefoot and it's a LOT better....I have also a maltracking patella and plenty of problems in my legs, and walking barefoot on grass is the best possible physiotherapy.

Think about it. My father's generation - as all the earlier generations since the origin of time - would almost NEVER wear shoes. Shoes are a relatively recent invention, like the combustion engine, and it creates more problems than it solves - just like the combustion engine (of, if you believe that 6 degrees more for average Earth temperature, due to excessive CO2 and methane from combustion engines and heating, is not a problem, wait and see year 2100, when few survivors will have to live in caves to escape from the fury of hurricanes and 500 Km/h winds).

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far1a said...

and even if they did use shoes, these were very simple hard soled witch didn't support the feet in any way allowing the natural walking motion to take place. Nature's way the best! Don't try to improve on perfection!